Friday, 13 May 2011

Luke, Ruben, Romain and Hannah for Eternity GrusZ ( new line of May 10)

Jenny C., the most talented one;)

Jenny C. caught my attention from very first sight when we had a little chat over coffee at Joma. She had amazing face with sparkling eyes which you never forget. 

Born in USA but spent almost her adulthood beyond the border of motherland, she has joined our agency for more than a year. She got a lot of achievements such as featured on the most influenced fashion blogspot in the world, The Statorialist...

Six-pages spread on My Pham Magazine

And especially playing main actress on Levi's TVC produced in Hongkong on April, 2011

For more information about her, email us at

Sarah C. - A new Kate Moss

A new Kate Moss is given for one of Tay models named Sarah, she comes from the beautiful country of Pacific Oceans, Australia.  

She joined our team very early and has done photo shoot for many good fashion brands in Hanoi such as Ivy, Nefertiti... and catwalk for event of introducing new versions of Vertu mobile,Hanoi Rock Hair Show...

For more information about her, email us at